5 surface predictions for website design in 2016

ASHLAND, Ky. — Predicting what’s ahead for website design and online marketing can be more intuitive for those familiar with industry trends than it is grounded in any hard knowledge of the industry.

With options and platforms evolving like never before to connect with readers, customers and clients, we’ve refined a quick list of five basic design approaches you can expect in 2016!

  • Illustrations will be more frequent in marketing approaches, both online and in print. Illustrations can invoke an open mind and can be polished for a finish that is more engaging than a photo.
  • Bigger, less condensed and more direct website design. This ties in with more illustrations, as more companies will focus on impressions on the surface. Who you are and what you look like will be more important than ever in 2016. And if companies can engage with this approach, that will translate into success.
  • Bolder and more experimentation with fonts as it relates to website design. This marries with the idea of more illustrations and evolving website design.
  • Readability will increase with the use of infographics, text illustrations and other well-planned design. What’s attractive to the eye, yet not overwhelming for the brain is key.
  • More splash/landing pages will lead into home pages. Simple yet attractive design with a direct point — like signing up for a newsletter — will become more involved in comprehensive online marketing packages.