About our book publishing services

Have a manuscript you want to turn into a book?

What you need to know

Customized publishing services

We have a range of book publishing services depending on your needs. Our services include:
  • Book cover and interior pages design
  • Flexible book production and quantity options
  • eBook conversions
  • Manuscript edits
  • Website to promote book sales

Frequently asked questions

  1. The first step is to finish your manuscript. A three-quarters done manuscript is difficult to properly estimate and creates complications in the layout and design process.
  2. The next step would be to transfer the manuscript and determine other expected content like photos, illustrations, charts, etc. This process is often is as easy as emailing a Word attachment or transferring via a flash drive. We will also need to determine the makeup of the book, its page size and whether it will be a softback or hardback.
  3. We will provide an estimate and projected turnaround time, normally within 24 hours.
  4. Once you agree to the estimate for the book project, the next step would be to transfer the finished manuscript and needed content — book materials such as photos, illustration, etc. — so we can get started on the design!
  5. We finish the book’s initial design and provide a loose-leaf printed proof version for you to look over and approve. Revisions are made until the book is ready for production.
  6. Once you have given final approval for the book, we will have a single copy of the finished book ready for you to look at in about 10 business days.
  7. You can place your first order for books, and any additional orders from that point forward. Turnaround time for delivery is typically 10 business days from the date of order.

There are many influencing factors in publishing a book, including:

  • Physical size of the book
  • Hardback or softback finish
  • Number of pages
  • Color requirements
  • Type set and line spacing
  • Design factors
  • Quality and editing of photos
  • Necessary level of copy editing

The best way to get the most accurate estimate is by providing your finished manuscript and scheduling a consultation.

We offer independent publishing that allows you to profit at a higher percentage rate per book sold than traditional publishing companies do. Our customers typically make their money back at around 100-150 books sold, and profit at a 75% rate per book after that point. That’s much higher than traditional publishing approaches.

No. We don’t take a percentage of your sales. Sales processes are independent from our book publishing services. We set a wholesale price cost per book for you, and you can order as many as you need at any point.

No. You can order as few or many as you need, and when you need them. You pay the same low price per book as the author, regardless of quantity. Turnaround time is typically two weeks from the time your order is placed.

Yes. With any book we publish we offer a cut-rate website development price of $295 to promote your book. These websites include information about the book and author, and have a PayPal checkout system integrated into the design.

Our company director has 25 years daily experience in the publishing industry, winning numerous awards for his work along the way. You can rest assured you will get a professional publishing experience and product.

Yes. We can do books big or small, with options for paper weight and color quality. We can match your publishing needs.

Yes. We can produce eBooks, and help in the administration process of making your book available on popular platforms like Amazon.

We welcome anyone interested in our publishing services. We do, though, require your manuscript to be completed; and we require appointments be made for in-person consultations.

If you agree to book publishing business with us, we have a standard contract. Our contracts do not leverage your book rights or sales in any way toward us. They are simply designed to outline a general understanding of our joint publishing project and associated expectations.

Traditional publishing puts the publisher in control, and in turn leverages the business decisions to the publisher. The publisher takes on the cost of each project, and retains a higher percentage of the sales.

Self publishing gives more control to the author. The author takes on the up-front cost of publishing, and in turn is able to profit at a much higher rate per book sale. The author has control of marketing and sales decisions.

What we do is combine the best of both worlds by providing needed publishing services while leaving the rights and sales to benefit you. We want to work with you in a custom, personal and professional way to help you get your book published!

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