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What we do best!

We develop websites and online solutions with a flexible approach — with each customer’s unique needs in mind.


  • Modern design & coding

  • Responsive designs

  • Custom features


  • SEO optimization options

  • Content management

  • Continued support


  • Copywriting

  • Graphic design

  • Social Media integrations

The nuts & bolts

The website that’s right for you!

Our websites combine attractive designs with modern coding practices to provide you with a well-balanced website that is built to last. A couple constants with our developments is that they are done with search engine optimization (SEO) and consistent cross-browser performance in mind. This assures solid results on popular seach engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and a consistent user experience regardless of the device being used to view the website.

We have direct and versatile pricing packages!

Our packages below are designed to help you understand your website development costs. In a typical development you would pay a one-time price for the initial development and choose a web services package for all you ongoing needs. There are no hidden fees!

Domain registration:

Your only other typical cost to consider would be your domain registration (typically $15-20 per year). We can help you register your domain also if needed.

We stand strong alongside our websites!

Our Managed Web Services packages below are customized umbrella services that cover your website’s dynamic online needs — and save you time and money.

  • Managed website services
  • Secure hosting
  • Regular backups
  • Content management system updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Performance reports
  • Content updates
  • Free first 60 days

Pricing packages

Choose from one of the customized packages below, then choose your Managed Web Services plan.


  • Great for small retail or service business, or event looking for a professional online presence.
  • Home Page
  • SEO
  • Mobile Design
  • Call To Action


  • If you want a little more and an added level of attention in aesthetics and modern functionality.
  • Home Page (advanced)
  • SEO/Local SEO
  • Mobile Design
  • 3 Additional Pages


  • If you want to take your site to an elite level, and compete in a more dynamic approach online.
  • Home Page (elite)
  • Portfolio features plus:
  • Custom Features
  • Scalable Environment

Now combine your above development package with Managed Web Services below to figure out your costs.


Managed Web Services plans

Choose from one of the packages below to cover everything you’ll need for longterm stability online.


  • Managed website service
  • Secure hosting
  • Monthly full backup
  • CMS platform updates
  • First 60 days free!


  • Managed website service
  • Secure hosting
  • Bi-weekly full backup
  • CMS platform updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Performance email report
  • Content updates (30 minutes)
  • First 60 days free!


  • Managed website service
  • Secure hosting
  • Weekly full backup
  • Daily database backup
  • CMS platform updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Performance email report
  • On-page SEO (30 minutes)
  • Content updates (30 minutes)
  • Stategy call (30 minutes)
Ready To Get Started?

If you still have questions, try our FAQ section below.

Common questions about our websites

No. We design and develop your site, and we cab host and maintain it also. You don’t have to worry about shopping different parts for you website. We take care of everything you need to get your site online.

We typically require half of your website’s development fee before your project starts. Then, the remaining half would be due at the time the development is completed and your site is launched. Any associated Managed Web Services plans would be due 60 days after your site launches.

After your website is developed, your only other costs would be your level of selected monthly Web Services, which are detailed above on this page, and your domain registration (typically $15-20 per year).

Not one alone. We have developed websites for a broad range of industries — big and small businesses, organizations and individuals.

Yes. We, of course, love to hear any input you may have, but if you need some professional guidance, that’s what we’re here for.

If you don’t desire to be, you don’t have to be involved other than assisting in the initial discovery of content for the development. On the same token, if you would like to be more involved, we always welcome that dynamic collaboration.

Yes. We use modern code with our websites, meaning they will work on popular tablet and phone devices, as well as traditional desktop computers. We also design responsive websites, which allows for the best possible experience on all devices.
Yes. Our business model is designed to help with developments of all sizes. We can also customized ongoing services to compliment developments, to handle things like content creation and updates, social media integrations, etc.
We do. We will design and code your website so it returns solid results on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Levels of SEO services are customized to each customer’s needs.

The photos, text and other content can be provided by the customer — usually via email, a cloud storage or other provided means — or through our content creation services. We offer services including copywriting, photography and videography as needed in creating the material you need to make your website great. Services needed are typically identified after an initial consultation on your website.

Under most circumstances we can. Specifics would be determined in a custom quote for unique features.

No. You can choose to continue with our Web Services  on a month-to-month basis. However, you are under no further financial obligation to us after your site is developed. Use the link below to see our standard business agreement for website work.

Visit our Contact Page, or give us a call at 606.393.4197.

Ready to get started on your website?

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