Taking time with website content will lead to end-line quality

From a client's perspective, what do you think is the mostly commonly overlooked part of a typical website development project? Clients almost always know they want their websites to look good and function the way they are supposed to. After all, impression and user experience matter, and that is intuitively [...]

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Your website’s first impression matters — and it better look good

By now we’ve all heard it: First impressions are important. But what does that really mean as it relates to your website? If you break it down into your narrow window of website engagement with potential customers, it’s largely about a good design. In most cases, you only have a [...]

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Your website is fluid and interactive — tangible results may vary

Many small businesses get caught in a ultra-focused mindset of lead generation with a direct and linear process, and because of that they neglect their websites or don't have one at all. This is a big mistake. There's certainly nothing wrong with being focused about your business, but you should [...]

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Blurry image? The difference between vector and raster

When it comes to websites, a common question we hear is "why do some images look more blurry than others?" There's not always a singular and easy answer to this question, but it helps to have a basic understanding of the difference between the two major image files that are [...]

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5 surface predictions for website design in 2016

ASHLAND, Ky. — Predicting what's ahead for website design and online marketing can be more intuitive for those familiar with industry trends than it is grounded in any hard knowledge of the industry. With options and platforms evolving like never before to connect with readers, customers and clients, we've refined [...]

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Does Google AdWords alter organic results?

ASHLAND, Ky. — A popular question that comes our way often as it related to Google search results is, "Does having GoogleAdwords ads affect organic results?" The short answer to this is no. So if you purchase Google AdWords spots, your results otherwise on organic results will not change. But [...]

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“Mobilegeddon” – and 8 key points to get caught up

ASHLAND, Ky. — The undisputed king of online search engines is launching its new algorithm that favors mobile friendly websites and promises to change the landscape of returns on mobile devices. Google's last big algorithm change affected 11 percent of all search results by some reports, indicating the new changes [...]

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Five quick website do’s and don’ts

Putting together a good website is often times a matter of piecing together many small but effective design mindsets. Here's five quick do's and don'ts that apply in many cases: FIVE DO'S Do invest in a professional design Do keep it simple Do make it easy to contact you Do [...]

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Part I: Five reasons to get a website

Below are five great reasons why every small business needs a website. 1. Potential customers are online looking for you This fact is pretty much indisputable by now. Plenty of research and studies have been done to produce statistics that businesses can apply in a tangible return on just exactly [...]

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