Top 5 in Tech/Design: Going back nearly 250 years

1. Tech of 1776: A little more than 239 years ago, our forefathers used the best technology available to inspire colonial proto-Americans to revolt against King George. At that time, the “best” technology available was the printing press and the “best” social network required the use of “word of mouth” in Public Houses. But while all this was going on, there were a bunch of entrepreneurs and a few startups that changed the world. 7 TECH TRENDS CIRCA 1776 – SHELLYPALMER.COM

2. Creativity is not just for artists, musicians, writers, and designers. We are all creative, but the folks who are known for it have spent time cultivating it, failing at it, and working at it. READ MORE – THENEXTWEB.COM

3. Browser trends: Chrome is close to one in two users but still hasn’t managed to jump the 50% hurdle. READ MORE – SITEPOINT.COM

4. NASA 404: The cosmic object you are looking for has disappeared beyond the event horizon. UNKNOWN PAGE – NASA.GOV

5. Need some filler copy? Have some fun with it. MINIONSIPSUM.COM