Top 5 in Tech/Design: Create your own halftone patterns with ease

1. Halftone patterns: Online vector generator allows you to create your own pattern with ease, and then export that pattern. HALFTONEPATTERNS.COM

2. Design critiques: Few things are more stressful than a design critique. From that pressure, though, comes new viewpoints, action items, and an overall tighter product. Here’s six key points on dealing with design reviews. WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM

3. Animated logos: A selection of 16 cool animated logos. HOWDESIGN.COM

4. WordPress 4.2.3 is now available: WordPress versions 4.2.2 and earlier are affected by a cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could allow users with the Contributor or Author role to compromise a site. WordPress is encouraging everyone to update site as soon as possible. WORDPRESS.ORG

5. Tom Selleck’s Mustache: Animating that much hair one frame at a time was no cake walk. DRIBBBLE.COM