Top 5 in Tech/Design: Getting a cut of Facebook

1. Facebook is set to offer video creators a cut of revenue from ads that display before or during their videos. It’s the first time Facebook has shared video revenue, and may challenge YouTube for the attention of creators. READ MORE – THENEXTWEB.COM

2. TypeCase is a simple Mac utility for previewing and comparing your fonts. LEARN MORE – TYPECASEAPP.COM

3. Windows was still operating on more than 90% of the computers in the world as of June 2015, according to NetMarketShare. The July 29 release of Windows 10 should cement Microsoft’s hold on computers, though the company has faced several challenges in breaking into the mobile market. READ MORE – TECH.FIRSTPOST.COM

4. State of the web: How are businesses interacting with the internet? What technology platforms are dominant, emerging, or fading? Which CMS’s are the most popular? How are businesses leveraging CMSs? READ MORE – CODEGUARD.COM

5. Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates: A fun look at the competition to control the personal computer. READ MORE – NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.COM