Top 5 in Tech/Design: Comparing famous logos

1. Logo design comparision: In his collection entitled Brandversations, self-taught designer Stefan Asafti imagined a poster series representing logos of most famous brands of these last years. Every brand is staged with its logo drawn with miniature logos and slogan of its main competitor. Artist searches to create a sort of confusion but also by showing to the beholder that there was always a historical competition between these brands, that’s why it is a part of our culture. READ MORE – FUBIZ.NET

2. Meme font: Why do so many memes have the same appearance? The answer tells us something about design, business, and how technology can help something stupid find traction. READ MORE – VOX.COM

3. Website passwords: Some websites are intentionally disabling a feature that would allow you to use stronger passwords more easily. READ MORE – WIRED.COM

4. Google’s DeepDream is the hot new tool for creating vivid, unsettling imagery. READ MORE – CREATIVEBLOQ.COM

5. The designer’s guide: Utilising the Gestalt principles can make designs more coherent, connected or unified – this guide explains how. READ MORE – CREATIVEBLOQ.COM