Top 5 in Design: Some serious Illustrator plugins

1. Illustrator doesn’t have as many plugins as its raster brother Photoshop. However, developers take the application very seriously when it comes to building new tools, effects and workflow solutions. READ MORE – CREATIVEBLOQ.COM

2. Creativity and productivity seem at odds and at a fundamental level they are. Each has its own goal. Productivity is interested with the most quantity in the least amount of time and creativity is interested in the quality of the work above all else with little thought to time. READ MORE – VANSEODESIGN.COM

3. CSS powered animation can replace the refresh of a web page while the content is updated using ajax. Today’s nugget is based on the same idea, but with a different execution: this time a simple hover effect turns into a loading bar, that finally expands with new content! READ MORE – CODYHOUSE.CO

4. Photoshop: 32 text effect tutorials. READ MORE – DESIGNM.AG

5. Illustrator: Producing an informative map with a bit of life. READ MORE – CREATIVEBLOQ.COM