Part II: Five reasons to buy local website

In case you missed it, the first part of this series, Part I: Five reasons you need a website, gave you some quick points on why every small business needs a website. Be sure to check it out also.

Below are five reasons you should get that website with a local website design/development company.

1. Bluntly, why would you want to do it any other way?

I’ve never been around a local owner or representative of a business who proudly declared they shop for their business needs outside their local community. That is, when in fact, they can get exactly what they need locally. It only makes business sense. You’ve heard it a hundred times: support local businesses so they can support you.

2. It gives a real face to a valuable service

Hiring an out-of-area company to design, develop, host and maintain your website doesn’t make much sense if you can get the same service close to home with a company and personnel you know. The more you network close to home, the better it is for you and your company.

3. Service, service, service

There are plenty (believe me, plenty) of online web design services out there that are in it to take you for everything they can. Then when you need them for something they don’t want you for, good luck. Lots of times you’ll get the standard email response that your ticket is in and you should hear back within 48 hours (of course, often you never do). Your best service, as in many lines of products or services, comes locally.

4. Flexibility

Local web design companies are much more likely to be flexible with your needs. Many non-local companies cookie-cut everything they offer, and their service can truly be terrible. Your website should be fluid and custom to your needs. So, too, should be the service that meets those needs.

5. A longterm relationship that pays off for years to come

Establishing a relationship with a local website design company is one of the major keys in setting the path for success in the long haul. If your website design company knows you (your brand, your services, your approach to business), you have an edge. An established relationship usually leads to more productive projects over time as well, allowing you to capitalize.