Part I: Five reasons to get a website

Below are five great reasons why every small business needs a website.

1. Potential customers are online looking for you

This fact is pretty much indisputable by now. Plenty of research and studies have been done to produce statistics that businesses can apply in a tangible return on just exactly how many people are online looking for their products or services. That number is around 90% of all consumers.

2. People simply need to know, and those people are on the internet

Just like a company is looking to attract customers to do business with, those very customers are online looking for exactly the same thing. You need a website to communicate clearly – and under your control – on things like business hours, directions, products, services, etc.

3. You are in control of your marketing content

One of the best parts about a website is you control the content. You get to tell viewers what it is your want them to know, and in the way you want. Other ways of marketing are static, like a poster or billboard, however, with a website there is the potential to go much deeper and make the interaction a fluid one.

4. It is the best value for your money

66% of small businesses plan to spend as much or more in 2013 than they did in 2012 on online marketing (AT&T Small Business Technology Poll). There are multiple reasons for this, but one of the big ones is it gives them the most for their money. A good website will give a business more flexibility and depth in their marketing.

5. You should always be looking to add to your company’s credibility

It is often said that perception is reality. That’s not to say that your product or service isn’t great without a website. But with the knowledge of how many people are online now, you need a professional digital presence to match your professional business.

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